kokonanny® Original

KOKONANNY was created after numerous researches, tests and analyses to offer the best environment for baby’s quality sleep.

The better the baby sleeps, the happier everyone is.

kokonanny® COOL EDITION

COOL EDITION is for babies who are more sensitive to heat, sweat a lot, or in a hotter environment. It includes a ‘Cooling Support’ and ‘Cooling Wrap’ which features an additional function of excellent air-permeability, instead of the original components of ‘Nanny Support’ and ‘Nanny Wrap’ which are for all seasons.

Cooling Kit

We recommend using KOKONANNY with Cooling Kit for babies who are sensitive to heat or sweat a lot. 3D structure and material of KOKONANNY’s Cooling Kit is designed to effectively permeate air and release baby’s body heat, while providing the cozy feeling of mom’s arms. Cooling Kit gives a more pleasant sleep environment for babies who are sensitive to heat.