The new beginning of baby’s sweet dreams

KOKONANNY is created and designed to provide the best sleep environment for newborns,

while caregivers can also enjoy their sweet rest.

Mom’s loving hug is the best place for sleepy infants to stay snug and happy.

It reminds the baby of the comfort and coziness they felt while inside the mom’s womb.

However, baby’s strong attachment to stay asleep only in mom’s arms is considered one of the biggest stresses that most moms experience after childbirth.

KOKONANNY’s ergonomic design with functional materials delivers physical comfort and sense of security to babies by providing the similar environment as mom’s embrace.

This helps babies stay psychologically and physically stable, which leads to a pleasant and sound sleep as if being held in mom’s arms.

Since KOKONANNY was first introduced, hundreds of thousands of new parents and babies have been experiencing better quality sleep and more restful moments with KOKONANNY.

As its innovative ergonomic design and functions have been acknowledged, KOKONANNY has won the award of Gold Medal as one of the best inventions at ‘Swiss Geneva IEIG’, which is the world’s largest international competition of invention. KOKONANNY has also won REDDOT Award, one of the world’s most renowned prizes for the excellence of product, assessed based on innovativeness, ergonomic design, functionality, aesthetic impression, etc.


All materials used for KOKONANNY go through a strict selection process, ensuring to meet the global safety standards. KOKONANNY is tested and certified by accredited institutions and authorities across the world, including USA CPSC & CPSIA regulations. KOKONANNY has also been patented worldwide, such United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, and other 20 more countries, confirming its status as the premium baby bed which cares baby’s better and pleasant sleep experience. 

KOKONANNY is the best choice for your baby’s sweet dreams.

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