Before use

Depending on baby’s previous sleep environment and preference, a period of adjustment may be necessary. Placing the deeply sleeping baby on KOKONANNY and maintaining body contact for a while are effective ways of shortening the time of adjustment. The earlier a newborn is introduced to KOKONANNY, the easier for a baby to adjust.

!) Please do not leave babies sleep unattended. 

Step 1.

Please make sure your baby is sleeping in your arms.

Tip. Placing the deeply sleeping baby on KOKONANNY will help the baby get used to the new sleep environment. New parents are often advised to lay their babies down while they are in a light sleep to promote independence in sleep training. However, it may cause great stress to the parents and babies because newborns are not yet used to the environment outside of mother’s arms and they experience anxiety. You don’t have to give your baby a hard time. Let your baby sleep happily in your arms. KOKONANNY is here for you and for your baby.

Step 2.

Please lay your baby on its side, so its chest and belly are touching the Breast Cushion.

Tip. With the symmetrical design of KOKONANNY, you can place your baby in any position, either on the left or right. If you lay a garment with the mother’s scent on the mattress or the Breast Cushion, it will help the baby find olfactory comfort and be able to stay sound asleep, feeling more content and secure. Pre-adjust the length of the Nanny Wrap for your convenience. 

* As the baby grows, change the position of the Nanny Support accordingly.

* If needed, use without Nanny Support. (e.g. hot weather, baby’s preference, etc).

Notice. Do not lay the baby on its stomach. KOKONANNY is basically designed to let a baby lie on its side so that baby’s chest and belly touch the Breast Cushion.

Step 3.

Wrap your baby with Nanny Wrap and adjust the length to apply appropriate pressure.

Tip. Before or after assembling the Nanny Wrap, keeping physical contact with your baby for a while (such as gently patting or having your arms around the baby) would induce psychological comfort and make it easier for the baby to be separated from mom’s arms.

Notice. If Nanny Wrap is not fastened or fastened too loosely, there is a risk of baby’s roll-over. Be extra careful if the baby starts to roll over.