Cooling Kit is for babies who sweat a lot or are sensitive to heat

We recommend using KOKONANNY with Cooling Kit for babies who are sensitive to heat or sweat a lot. KOKONANNY Cooling Kit’s 3D design and material provide the cozy feeling of mom’s arms while effectively absorbing sweat and cooling off when the baby is asleep. With its excellent air-permeability, Cooling Kit gives pleasant sleep environment for babies who are sensitive to heat.

How to use : Apply Cooling Kit (Cooling Wrap / Cooling Support) the same way as the original Nanny Wrap / Nanny Support.

Part. 1

Cooling Wrap

Cooling Wrap is made with functional fabric so that it helps to absorb and dry off the sweat while gently covering the baby’s body.


Cooling Support

Cooling Support’s 3D structure and its special material provide the best breathable environment for the baby.


Model Name: KOKONANNY Cooling Kit

Contents: Cooling Wrap, Cooling Support

Fabric: Sweat absorbing & quick drying air-netting(Cotton 95%, Polyester 5%)

Filling: 3D Air-Mesh Layer (Polyester 100%)

Origin: Made in Korea