KOKONANNY has been created and designed to provide the best sleep environment for babies while caregivers can enjoy a sweet break.

The quality of sleep for newborns plays an important role in determining the baby’s physical growth, learning ability, and behavioral development according to results from many researches and studies. However, it is not an easy task for new parents to help their babies to have a pleasant and sound sleep. One of the biggest stresses that most parents experience after childbirth is the baby’s strong attachment to stay asleep only in mom’s arms. Even when the newborn is deep asleep in the arms, they usually wake up and start to cry once they are laid down on the bed. This is because the newborns feel insecure and unfamiliar when they are separated from their mom.

Mom’s arms are the best place for babies to stay snug and pleasant.

It is an undeniable truth that the mom’s arms are the most secure and comfortable place for newborns, no matter how tiring and exhausting it may be for the moms. Mom’s loving hug reminds the newborns of the comfort and coziness they felt while inside the mom’s womb. 

Mom’s rest is also one of the key elements for healthy and joyful parenting.

While fulfilling the baby’s needs, new moms tend to become more vulnerable to physical and mental stress. The cumulated stress of the mother can have a negative effect on the baby, and it is also one of the main causes of postpartum depression. In order for moms to rest and recharge, it is necessary for the baby to sleep safely and pleasantly while separated from their mom. The baby’s secured and independent sleep provides a time for the mom to relieve stress, feel the joy of parenting, and prepare for the next stages through ‘refreshment’ and ‘self-development’. The baby’s peaceful sleep is the first step for the mom’s happy and enjoyable parenting. 

Through numerous researches, tests, and analyses, KOKONANNY provides the optimized sleep environment, similar to mom’s arms for babies.

KOKONNANNY was created to offer the most pleasant sleep for the newborn, and a sweet break for the caregiver. KOKONANNY’s ergonomic design with functional materials delivers physical comfort and sense of security to newborns by providing the similar environment as a mom’s embrace. This helps babies stay psychologically and physically stable, which leads to a good quality sleep as if they are held in mom’s arms. KOKONANNY has been recognized worldwide for its product philosophy, ergonomic design and functionality through worldwide patents, tests by renowned international organizations, and the honorable prizes of REDDOT Award and Gold Medal at Swiss Geneva IEIG, which are the world’s biggest and most prestigious competition for the excellence of product and invention.

Present sweet dreams to the baby, and sweet rest to the mom.

KOKONANNY’s secret of a pleasant and happy sleep comes from the belief that every baby deserves mom’s loving arms. With KOKONANNY, give all your hugs to your little angels. Provide a gift of sweet rest to both mom and baby. KOKONANNY is the best solution for your precious baby's happiest sleep.