Through numerous researches, tests, and analyses, KOKONANNY provides the optimized sleep environment for newborns

KOKONANNY’s unique ergonomic design delivers the familiar sense of mom’s cuddle and embrace, which helps babies to sleep better from the psychological comfort and sense of security.

Give your baby the best comfort with KOKONANNY.


With its ergonomic design, the Breast Cushion provides the feeling of mom’s embrace that baby senses while leaning on her body. Its well-planned structure assembled with the Nanny Wrap properly keeps a baby secure and helps to prevent unexpected roll-over. With its symmetrical design, babies can be easily placed on any side, either on the left or right.


The Viscoelastic Cradling Mattress is carefully designed to best support baby’s body pressure during the sleep. Its functional viscoelastic material naturally supports and cradles every curve of baby’s body comfortably. The symmetrical design of KOKONANNY can also help to prevent the baby’s head from flattening. Exceptional breathability of the Air-Pad (use when needed) helps your baby’s body temperature from overheating.


Its soft material and the inner wall provide more protection against babies from falling off or the physical impact caused by baby’s movement, while adding a cozy and snug feeling.


Secure the Nanny Wrap by connecting the Silent Hook.


KOKONANNY’s Silent Hook is designed not to make a noise during the use. This enables easy adjustment to the pressure and tightness of Nanny Wrap without disturbing the baby’s sound sleep.


These are thoughtfully designed to deliver the feeling of being cuddled by their mom to the baby. The combination of 3D structure and functional materials embodies the pressure, softness and coziness that a baby feels in mom's arms.


Considering babies’ delicate skin, every part that touches the baby is made with only 100% cotton. With a water-resistant property, the functional material of inner cover inhibits the penetration of dust, ticks and mold for the best sleep environment for your baby. 


Age: 0~6months(approx.)

Weight: 7.3lb(3.3kg)

Size: W:25.1in, L:33in, H1:4.3in / H2:6.7in (W:64cm, L:84cm, H1:11cm / H2:17.2cm)

Outer cover: Cotton 100%

Inner cover: Water-repellent fabric

Mattress: Viscoelastic Cradling Mattress